Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Travel to Milan in 2014 and sleep In Style

2014 has arrived....Happy New Year to everyone 
I wanted my first post for the year to start with one of my passions.....Travel......and a place I know very well....Milan.
If you're travelling to Milan in 2014 it's not only about where to shop, it's also about where you're staying. Fashion hotels span the globe now, I believe there are over 25 of them. However it was the famous Milanese fashion designers like Versace and Armani, that began this movement to get their own hotels. Having lived in Milan I found it to be a super chic city oozing with quiet confidence and elegance: famous for it's designer fashion houses and innovative interior design. So what better place to experience both. Whether you're visiting for a night or several why not stay in one of these fashionable hotels....Armani, Bulgari or Moschino......take your pick.

Armani Hotel

Maison Moschino

Bulgari Hotel
If shopping at designer boutiques and staying in their hotels aren't enough to get your fashion fix, you can always eat at their restaurants too or dance at their nightclubs.
Try Dolce and Gabbana's restaurant Gold or Roberto Cavalli's Just Cavalli Club

Just be sure to pack your sexy cocktail dress, as the Milanese really do everything with style even walking down the street.

Buon Viaggio .....Love Gessica

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