Friday, 17 January 2014

Oh Layla

'Layla, you've got me on my knees
Layla, I'm begging, darling please.
Layla, darling won't you ease my worried mind' 
(Lyrics from Eric Clapton's Layla) Click on link to hear song
The song was apparently Inspired from a romantic Persian love story.  The tale of a young man who fell hopelessly in love with a beautiful woman but is forbidden by her father to marry him and hence he went crazy.

On that note.....introducing my "Layla." Standing at 50cm tall with close to 20 hours in the making, Layla is ready for the world and like in the romantic love beautiful(in my eyes). For those that hadn't seen Esmeralda or Little Miss Sunshine please click on the links to view past posts on these other mannequins.
My inspiration for Layla came from the exotic forests of South America - hence the use of orange and turquoise feathers, flowers, butterflies, snakes as you will see in detail below. Layla is quite glamorised with her gold tassel skirt and beaded bust as I tend to love doing with all my ladies. Again like the others, every detail is hand stitched or glued on.  She is for sale!!  If I could keep them all, I would.....but it is important they spread their wings and travel the world. Unlike the hopeless case of the young man in the Layla can be married off.   For information please see bottom of post.
In her full glory: three types of feathers, two gold skirts, flowers, butterflies, snakes, birds...the lot. 
Feather detail.....colours of exotic South American birds
Her glamorised bust adorned with beads, jewellery, diamanties. Notice the fine lace flowers pasted on the gold painted bust as a base before applying all the beading. It is layering upon layering. 
The golden snake......

A little birdie told me......
The back of her: large flower, more feathers and of course my signature 'butterflies" that I can't live without.
The base has an arrangement of blue and orange flowers on her neck. And look at that gold dazzling skirt!! If you look hard enough, you will also see another shorter skirt which is gold cut under it all.  Again, layering upon layering. 

As mentioned above, Layla is for sale.  Please make all enquiries to
I custom make the mannequins and also make lifestyle - 2m high!!!  They make eye- catching art decor in your home, shop, hotel foyer,bar, restaurant, party.  If you would like one of these ladies in the colours of your choice, that is not a problem.  You may also have special jewellery, fabrics you've collected over the years that you'd like me to add.......I can work with these too. Email me with any enquiry. 

I am ready to make another one..........keep you posted
Love Gess X

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