Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Racing Carnival...something to wear for women and men

The spring racing carnival in Australia is upon us. The main day, The Melbourne Cup is traditionally known for crossing the boundaries with your outfit.  It can be about the outlandish and bold.....the colour combinations, patterns, textures mixed together, crazy hats and fabulous shoes. Using your wonderful imagination in bringing out your uniqueness and wearing outfits you would most probably not wear on the streets. However as a fashion consultant, I have noticed the last few years women more than men are playing it safe.....tight short dresses or skirts and boring headwear seem the norm!! Fashion on the Fields in my opinion has been rather disappointing the last few years. After speaking with many women on this subject, they admit they are too scared to stand out. Sad indeed. Women have retreated a little and too frightened to bring out their creative side for that one time of year to wear something super slick. I guess this subject could turn into a psychological discussion on self esteem so I better stop now (save that for another post). For those few that truly do make an effort to stand out, well done I commend you. This post is about what I suggest for both men and women for those daring enough to want to push some boundaries without going OTT. It does not need to cost much to look different. Re-invent something from you wardrobe or purchase one great piece to go with something in your wardrobe. My advice I repeatedly seem to mention to my clients.....don't follow the past and current trends just for the safety of it.....use your imagination and let it show in what you wear. If you find your own style, you will shine no matter how simple or crazy it is. This year Art Deco prints, geometric shapes and botanical prints are big. I absolutely love mixing these pieces below are just some ideas from my pinboard to get your imagination going.

Geometric Art Deco Prints

Geometric mixes. This is a great look when you put it together well. Who says it all has to match.  An A-line skirt with one print mixed with a sassy jacket or silk top in a different geometic print and belted is just fun and feminine. If you want to down play it, choose a patterned skirt with a bright plain jacket or silk blouse or visa versa, plain skirt with patterned jacket.  And yes I must admit I do love the headscarfs under hats for something different.  Wearing a silk headscarf with a flower attached is an alternative to a hat. You don't have to cover the whole head in a scarf.  Partly covered with hair flowing under is still feminine and classy. As a huge lover of large costume jewellery, I say put some bling on with it all just to make it jangle.(The jewellery in the pics are from fabulous QLD based designer SoniaM. My next post will about keep tuned.)

Florals and Botanical Prints
Again mix them together. Mix florals with geometric as seen in these photos. Love it. And yes I would wear a long vintage shift dress to the races with a stunning bright print on it(imagine a tropical print in vibrant colours).....why not, it would be elegant and certainly a standout to the normally super short skirts seen on the track. Team the outfits with a colourful necklace or better still a hand created feather cape as seen in photo(again from SoniaM Designs). And yes mix the bag colours up.
For information on Headgear go to where it lists many of  the well known milliners. At this point you would be looking for ready made as it's too late now to order a custom made. Otherwise many vintage shops have unique one-off pieces at a smidge of the price of a custom made hat.

And for the MEN
Loving the neutral Look. Cream and Oatmeal linen Stripes & checks. Worn with black or chocolate brown bow tie, silk weaved tie and dark brown oxfords..............just so dashing.

Now I am a huge fan of Lapo Elkann's style(you will see a lot more of him on my blog).  If you don't know him, he is the grandson of the late Gianni Agnelli aka "Mr Fiat & Ferrari". Like his grandfather he oozes style no matter what he wears. In the above photos of him, I've picked out some of his daily ensembles that I feel are perfect for the man on the track who wants to stand out a little. You don't have to be a bad boy like him to look cool, just use your imagination and work with colours that suit you. How about some colour with mustard yellow? Everything from the white shirt to his shoes and hat works. The classic large pinstripe is always just so handsome on most men. I can't help loving the vintage camel colour suit with green tie. Such a fabulous colour combination and if you can pull if off like he can...then go for it. Then of course the pink hat.....why not!! 
Now for Geometric die-hards who don't wish to stand out too much, how about the patterned shirt/tie/hanky look in bottom left hand corner? Subtle but smart. Then of course if you want to truly push boundaries, go for the whole geometric look with complete suit. I dare you!
Another dashing outfit on the track would be an Indigo blue suit worn with white shirt and dark brown shoes.

These are only some ideas of mixing colours and prints.  For further advice and a consultation email me on



  1. Hi Gessica, Lovely to find you here :)

    I tend to stick with shapes that I know work for me, but am never too afraid of colour and pattern. I love being a peacock in a pack of pigeons. I live in a small country town now and although at first, people found me a wee bit too avante garde, they've all come on board! I dress to please myself. If I'm feeling low, I grab my red lippy and dolly myself up to feel better. Dress for yourself. And love the Cyndi Lauper within xxxx

    1. Hello Mon Alisa,
      thankyou for your comment. That is great, you sound like a lot of fun and confident. I agree throw on the lippie and dress up no matter where you live even if no-one is there to it for yourself. Gessica X

  2. I love to clash prints. Saw your collages and it has sent my heart racing! I love it.

  3. Great Mens Section and good timing for the Spring Carnival. Love wearing a suit every day, though the Spring Carnival and your ideas just bring a little more flair to the daily suit.
    Just back from QLD with a good tan, I might be able to pull off the mustard yellow suit with the white hat look for the races!!

    1. Hello, thankyou for your comments.Great hope you do go for the mustard with a tan.....good on you.

  4. Absolutley inspirational ! x