Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Living Flowers Staircase

Built in 1608, The Santa Maria del Monte is a 142-step staircase made up of thousands of individual terra cotta tiles. It is often used as a backdrop for various festivals in  in Caltagirone, Sicily. The floral theme shown here is part of the “Scala Infiorata,” or the floral festival, and the designs are made up of 2000 potted plants and flowers including  included geranium, marigold and boxwood. If you look closely at the last photo, you can see all the colourful terracotta tiles.  If you're heading to the south of Italy in the spring one year, go and check it out, looks gorgeous. 

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flowers 3 Architecture | Living Flowers Staircaseflowers 2 Architecture | Living Flowers Staircaseflowers 6 Architecture | Living Flowers Staircase

flowers 1 Architecture | Living Flowers Staircase
Photos by Andrea Annaloro
pixel Architecture | Living Flowers Staircase

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