Friday, 29 November 2013

My "Little Miss Sunshine"

This mannequin Little Miss Sunshine was created last year, commissioned by a family member who lives in QLD, loves the sunshine and the colour yellow. She was created using shells(which I personally collected), glass beads, diamantes, three types of feathers, large flowers, vintage crochet, French trimmings, butterflies, wings and much more. Each piece individually glued or sewn on and hours in the making. I hope you like her........
I enjoyed every moment making her.........the colour yellow is so uplifting and full of positive energy. You may notice her waistband: a mosaic of shells, diamantes and beads intricately placed together and intertwined with vintage crochet. The wings are a feature in my last 3 mannequins.....symbolising "freedom to be".  And hardly ever will you see any of my mannequins without a butterfly somewhere: my obsession since childhood which to me has always symbolised, again freedom but also "natures miracles".
I miss her but I know she is in good hands. X
Just to let you know, I am halfway thru my next mannequin using the vibrant colours orange and turquoise......looking gorgeous so far. Can't wait to show you.
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