Friday, 22 November 2013

Going Troppo this Summer

Although the focus this summer is about geometric designs, I notice tropical prints are out again this year which excites me.......exotic birds, fruit, flora and fauna in bright colours are fun. The tropical theme always reminds me of Mojito cocktails, exotic birds, the Bahamas and my favourite Samba singer Carmen Miranda, famous for her fruit hat costumes.  Either way, anything "troppo" puts me in a dancing and cocktail mood.
Carmen Miranda, the flamboyant Portuguese born Brazilian Samba singer
Don't be afraid of the bold tropical prints. Just add a little touch with plain pieces to start like a T-shirt, handbag or shoes.  For a little more.....a printed short tunic or maxi dress teed up with bright accessories is just vibrant and oh so summery.
This Camilla Franks Maxi from her 2013 Pachamama range is wild. 
I love the tropical print jackets. Worn well with white t-shirt and jeans, or for something chic a maxi skirt in bright colour. Add some printed wedges, seashell accessories and you're ready to party or at least ready to sip some cocktails!!
And then of course if you want to go one step further with colour and print explosion......mix the tropical with geometric prints. You may have to play around with this a bit to get it right, but if mixed well this look is super. If you find that too hard to do on your own email me for a consultation and I can help you put it all together.  
You can find tropical pinted garments in most of the casual streetwear stores and also various high street stores including Camilla, Trelise Cooper, Veronika Maine, plus net-a porter and also vintage stores.
Enjoy.....Love Gessica
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