Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Alexia Sinclair's Seductive Art

"Sinclair’s art is dark and seductive, baroque and symbolic. Her multilayered photographs subtly present contemporary notions of fashion and beauty through innovative digital media, whilst restoring antique notions of classicism, elegance and luxury." From her website

I would also add theatrical, fantastical and imaginative to the description above of award winning artist and photographer Alexia Sinclair's stunning work. I can't remember when I first came across her work, but I do remember thinking wow, as a person also obsessed with the Baroque era. When I heard through a friend of her latest exhibition 'Rococo' on now in Sydney until the 8th March, I was so excited I decided to write this post. Coincidentally, The Australian Financial Review also wrote a piece on her work last weekend. Like they say great minds think alike!
If you read the AFR article, great. If you visit her exhibition, even better. If not browse here and be enchanted by Alexia's work.
The Secret Garden 2015. Part of her latest Exhibition Rococo.
I just love her historical references in all her work. Such as her latest exhibition Rococo, inspired by Louis XV's famous flamboyant mistress Madam de Pompadour, who as an exceptional artist herself decorated her homes and gardens with porcelain flowers. Madam de Pompadour was a fascinating woman with many extraordinary talents which is another reason why I am interested in this particular exhibition. I often refer to her fashion sense when I am making my creations.  
Porcelain Petals 2015 from Rococo Exhibition
The Grove of Venus 2015,from  Rococo Exhibition.
Alexia considers herself a digital artist. Yet I feel she is more than that. A mixed media artist maybe? combining, set design, fashion, photography, history and digital. 
All her photographs are taken in her studio, and each set is designed and created by her. The clothes on the models are even sewn by herself. Then she photographs them. I am guessing there would be little sleep in her life. 
I feel I resonate with her as I know how long creating something you are so passionate about takes. When I am in my studio creating my theatrical mannequins I can get lost for days. (anyway more on my latest ones at a later date!).  

Apart from Rococo series, Alexia has had great success with her other collections which again seem to be influenced by famous historical people, architecture and mainly Europe. Below are some of my favourite pieces of her previous works. 
Marie Antoinette 2005
Elizabeth I, 2007
Pope Alexander VI, 2010
The Cabinets of Curiosity, 2013

See you soon
Gessica X

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