Monday, 22 September 2014

Hooray for Spring

Spring is here for us in the southern hemisphere which means we can peel off the heavy clothing and start feeling lighter. This has to be one of the best times of year to do a wardrobe update and think about the warmer months ahead: especially in terms of work attire.
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As you may well know, my job is to jazz up your wardrobe and make it work for you and to avoid cloning. These days women are wanting to express their individuality with their style, especially those in a more conservative corporate environment where suits were/are considered a staple. 
Below are only some of my suggestions on how a corporate spring wardrobe can work for you. Yes I have added colour and yes I love to accessorise. If you feel a little scared to step outside the comfort zone, just start small with a signature colour. For example a belt, scarf, shoes or a unique accessory. You need to start with only one thing to get you going.
Of course I am only an email away should you wish to chat with me for further advice.

Black and White:
If you love your black, then you can get creative by adding black and white printed pant or jacket to your wardrobe. A white jacket with pencil black skirt is a great spring alternative to an all black outfit. This is a look I would like to see more of instead of all black.
Great belts are statement pieces, especially when added to asymmetrical skirts, dresses  or pants.

The Jumpsuit:
Taking you away from the two piece suit is the 'Jumpsuit'. This look is flattering and stylish providing you find the one that works best on you. A vibrant colour jumpsuit in your wardrobe for spring will have your colleagues talking all season. A wider leg pant jumpsuit for work is best. Add a light jacket or cardigan to cover if need be. And again accessorise.

The Vest:
Wearing a vest over a soft silk blouse and pants can change a pant/blouse outfit into something special. Jackets in spring can be quite warm depending on the day, so the sleeveless vest is certainly a groovy in between season piece to add to your wardrobe. It is almost an accessory in itself. Notice again I have teamed it up with bold coloured wide leg and printed pants. (BTW, these fabulous printed pants are Diane Von Furstenberg).

The Midi Skirt:
It's not quite the maxi, and not the mini hence it is called the 'midi' skirt. I will admit, I have always been a fan outside of the trends, so it's nice to see so many out this season. To be daring and unique go for the gorgeous scenic printed skirts. I found these on chicwish. Wear it with a slightly fitted jacket or cardigan to show off your waist, and add a thin belt if you like. Brooches to lapels are still so underrated, would like to see more of them.
Many women still struggle to add lace to their every day wear and especially corporate wardrobe as they see it more as evening wear. A lace skirt or top displays femininity, luxuriousness and confidence. The way to play it down is to wear it with  wrap silk or jersey tops or a fitted jacket. As you have noticed I believe in mix and matching accessories to add some interest.

Printed blouses are divine with pants and interesting skirts for work. There is a great choice out there now to not have excuses of wearing boring v-neck jersey tops. If it is the first item to start with in jazzing up your wardrobe, then a printed soft blouse could be that. I am a fan of the silk flowing blouses as they don't bulk up and go well with pants or skirts.  As you can see in this photo, even with a ruffled skirt.

I can't stress enough how a wrap dress in your wardrobe is almost vital due to its versatility suiting almost every body shape. You do need to choose the style that works best on you. That could be the flared a-line skirt style or straight pencil look or kimono style or many others. These two gorgeous printed dresses from Diane Von Furstenburg are very different styles as you can see, yet both flattering and stylish for work. This season I suggest going for printed wrap dresses to add some pattern in your wardrobe. Leona Edmiston is another designer who has wonderful wrap style dresses.
The A-line dress is again another flattering style.  I do suggest to vary it a bit and go for interest with block colours, panelled sides and maybe some pleating. Peter Pilotto as seen above with the blue dress has a knack for transforming this style into something interesting that can easily worn at work. However it doesn't stop at him, you can find many interesting a-line dresses in most high street stores or on-line.
The pencil style dress doesn't have to be straight out plain. As seen here, the necklines and wrap styles are great. Add a thin belt or leave plain. Jazz up a bold colour dress with patterned shoes and handbags. There are some wonderful floral handbags out now for spring/summer.

I hope you have found some great tips on this post for your work-wear. With all of my posts, I could go on and on with many suggestions. It is hard when to say stop. 
As every woman is an individual with her own unique body shape, personality and requirements, I prefer to give you ideas and stylish looks rather than telling your what current trends to go for. It is more about the look. The style of the garments I place on my posts can be found in boutiques and on-line whether they are designer labels or not. 

Apart from the various designers and links I've added throughout my post, below are other websites I have sourced the items from for this post.
If you loved a particular item, and can't find it on the sites listed above, please don't hesitate to email me. I will let you know which site I sourced it from and the designers name.

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Obsessions will remain a lifestyle based blog with all things I love. Please be sure to subscribe to stylebygessica. I am sure you'll enjoy the variety of both. Wish me luck in keeping up with both! 

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Warm Regards
Happy Spring

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