Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Colour and Print Forecasters

As a general rule I tend not to follow trends. However part of my job is to be informed on what is coming up in the future with styles, patterns, prints and themes. There are only a few forecasters I look to for some inspiration and guidance on this. Pattern Curator is one of them and hence this post on their creative eye. I like their simple(and not so serious) take on the upcoming seasons. 'Each board is created visually in a way that is directional, relevant and trend-right'.

Below are only a handful of my personal highlights for the Spring/Summer 2014(already upon us) and ahead in 2015. These are the more colourful pick of the bunch. 

I have had many images in my head on how I would place these prints and in what form i.e. scarves, pants, jackets etc and mixed with this and that. I could go on forever, however I will leave it to your imagination to decide what best suits you. I am always an email away at if you would like my advice on what suits you.   

Diablos Rojos: Spring/Summer 2014. Very much inspired by Brazil. Love the mixture of textiles, multi prints and of course colour. 

Ebony & Ivory: Let's not forget that abstract patterns in black and white are still a great fashion statement (especially if mixed with a signature colour). 

Flower Power: I can't go passed flowers for any spring/summer season.  Some Mexican inspiration here.

Mix Master:  The mix of different prints together is an art and if you get it right, looks amazing. 

Welcome to the Jungle: large images of animals and jungle leaves printed on fabrics in colours of deep greens and blues are big this season. Has to be one of my favourites. Can be loads of fun.

Tribal: African inspired prints and colours. This is on trend now. 

Copacabana: A mixture  of jungle + botanical....just a little more intense with pattern and colour. 

I have so much fun reading/looking at what forecasters have to suggest. Some I feel hit the mark, and some don't.  It is in the end all personal preference. 

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