Friday, 23 May 2014

Loving Lace

Chantilly Lace, crochet lace, linen lace: Love it.
Although it is not clear when lace originated, it is believed to have surfaced in the early sixteenth century and that place was apparently Venice. As Venice was an important trading centre, it was in this city on water that the first lace pattern books were produced and the fabric itself. By 1600 quality lace was being made in other countries in Europe including Spain, France and England. Travelling noblemen and aristocrats ensured this new fashion trend was introduced into fashion houses through-out the world.....and it hasn't looked back since. 
Season after season lace dominates the Haute Couture runways around the world. Understandably, most people associate wearing lace with weddings, formal events and Haute Couture.The seriously stunning formal gowns made with this feminine delicate fabric gives us reason to think we can't wear it any other way. 
Well I say that is not the case. You can wear lace less formally, during the day, and even to work. Cleverly put together it works all year round summer and winter, formal or non-formal.  
Not everyone likes to wear lace or it may not suit you. However there are many people I have met that love it, but struggle to find ways to wear it well and not just in a formal occasion. This post is for those of you, and also those not sure about wearing it yet curious all the same. You'll be surprised at how a little bit of lace can make you feel so luxurious. 
Divine blue Chantilly lace detail.
Black lace blouse worn with straight or wide legged white pants are such a stylish spring look and depending on your job, a casual work attire. Add some colour and pattern with shoes, accessories and handbags. 
Flowy lace and silk blouses worn with jeans are chic and sexy. Whether you wear flats or high heels, mix it up with colour and pattern as demonstrated in the images above.
 Lace skirts, silk blouses, cardigans = feminine and soft. The right mixes are good for both work and play. 
More skirt styles. As you can see lace in pretty pastel colours are a more casual look. Wear yellow with silk blue blouse and flats or high heels. Wear pink with Red jacket and boots. Each will also go well with simple black cardigan. It is a matter of finding the style skirt and colours that work on you. The tailored red jacket with pink skirt is a gorgeous corporate look. 
One of my favourites. Black lace skirt worn with either a jacket for formal affair or played down with cardigan for day wear. Flats or boots, necklace or earring. Can't go wrong. This look is quite boho and sophisticated at the same time. 
If you like lace but afraid where to start or don't like too much of it, I suggest to purchase an item that has a touch of it. Such as above, this wool and  lace trimmed skirt worn with jumper is a lovely introduction to lace in your wardrobe. Another option is to add lace camisoles under blouses for that soft feminine touch.
Stand out Orange. An evening affair....with a nice black or red slip under it.  Wow.
There is something about vintage black lace dresses that says " I feel very womanly".  Beautiful, sexy black dresses worn with interesting heels and accessories can transform an otherwise plain black dress into something a little more special.  
Party dresses. Red or blue or green or purple...doesn't matter. Lace is not all about black as seen above. Mix it up and add your flair. 
More night time affair. A lace jacket with hot pink or orange skirt...or straight white pants. 
Talking about Vintage. A silk and lace slip, worn with flats is ideal for day wear, or adding a silk slip in a colour such as red or black makes it a night time cocktail affair. In the winter add a gorgeous wrap with boots and you are ready to go all year round.

And back to haute couture.....stunning Dolce and Gabbana 2014 collection.

I hope you enjoyed this post on how to wear lace in more ways than one. There are many more ways, I could go on for pages and pages.  If you would like further advice on wearing lace, or where to purchase items photographed above, please don't hesitate to email me on

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  1. Gesscia - this article on lace is great, as are the outfits you have put together. I especially like the mix and match - will be looking for lace in London and Barcelona over the next few weeks!
    Tasneem from (Tasneem Gallery, Barcelona)

    1. Hello Tasneem, so lovely to hear from you and thankyou for your comment. Am really happy you will find it useful. Let me know if I can be of further help. Say hello to my beloved Barcelona. Warm Regards