Friday, 6 December 2013

Christmas Table Decor

When it comes to table decorating I absolutely love doing it.  In my past profession as an events stylist I always enjoyed decorating smaller events at private homes or restaurants. The table décor was my favourite part. No matter whether I was in Milan or Sydney, I would look to nature to collect pieces necessary to create a spectacular talking piece.......... fruit, vegetables, flowers, branches, stones, shells, foliage etc etc. 
As Christmas is in a few weeks, I decided to write this post on some simple ideas for Christmas table decorations whether you're having a warm or cold Xmas.
I do think angel wings attached to back of chairs is quite a lovely fun idea. These wings can be bought from any cheap bric a brac shops. Generally the colours to choose from are white, red, black. But lately I have seen bright blues and greens too.  And they're cheap!
Branches embedded in a pot with fruit, bows, birds, butterflies, Xmas balls hanging from them.
Or even hand written notes on lovely paper pinned to the branches
Candles wrapped with vegetables and ribbon on a platter. Floating candles in large jars filled with water, greenery and berries. Both very easy and effective.
Fruit centrepieces are gorgeous. Spray fruits in silver or gold for effect or leave plain and polish with some olive oil.  If you'd like to do a large arrangement as in photo above you can either a) bind them together with wire: weave the wire through the centre of each fruit (like beading a necklace) until it's long enough to wrap around in circles until you have your desired effect. Place a jar in the centre if it makes it easier. Or b) pierce a bamboo skewer through each fruit and at the other end push the skewer into florist foam. To fill in any gaps between the fruit add greenery.
If having a beach Christmas, why not scatter some white shells and silver balls over a white tablecloth. It's fresh and cool.  
Some more ideas for using shells above. Strings of small shells wrapped around glasses, shells painted gold or silver loosely scattered on table. Branches running down centre of table with shells and Xmas balls hanging from them. There is so much you can do with shells I could go on and on. 
If you have one, make use of your fireplace with some greenery, fruit, candles and Xmas balls.

I do Love a staircase laden with candles of all shapes and sizes.

There is so much you can to make a table look beautiful on Christmas day without going overboard with expense. Again look to nature!
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I'd love to know how you're decorating your table for Xmas so do drop me a line.
Bye for now
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