Thursday, 12 September 2013

Colours, les coulers, calori

Colour is music for the soul. Although this was Dior spring/summer 2012, I just love referring back to these photos...the crazy large flowers on the head and the kaleidoscope of stunning colours and fabrics blending beautifully together always have my creative juices flowing. There is a colour for everyone here. Although magazines & designers will give you the latest trends, try not to be easily led with their opinions just because it's the in thing. By all means look at everything, see what great combinations are out there but don't impulsively buy until you take into consideration your skin tone, hair and eye colour before buying. Get the opinion of trusted friends or hire the expertise of a fashion consultant. I can promise you, find your own colour way that suits you and you'll look terrific regardless of whether it's in season or not. In other words.....find your own bliss.  

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