Thursday, 4 December 2014

Gold Gold Gold

Lately I've had an 'obsession' with gold. It's not that I'm wearing gold outfits, shoes or wearing gold lipstick or nail polish, in fact I'm not wearing gold at all. I am purely loving gold at the moment. My latest post Party In Style on stylebygessica had various gold outfits in it, or at least splashes of gold. Please read it if you haven't already, you'll find some inspiration for your festive season parties. 
Hence my decision to write this post about all things gold that capture my attention. Had so much fun putting this together. Enjoy.

Gold Shoes:
From Balmain, Dolce&Gabanna and Doc Martens to Nine West, I'll have one of each thankyou. 

Gold Accessories:
Gold sunglasses, watches, cuff links, earrings, elaborate handbags, rings and cuffs: All on my Christmas wish list. 

Gold Fashions:
Stunning ball gowns, sexy cocktail dresses, tunics and skirts: So much sparkle and glamour. 

Gold Wearable Art:
Incredible detail on these fantastical pieces. My usual favourites Alexander McQueen and Dolce&Gabbana amongst others. 

Gold Make-up & Skincare:
Whether you fancy gold leaf facials or bathing in gold, wearing gold lipstick or painting your nails in metallic gold, there is no doubt that lots of fun can had with gold on the body. 

Gold Decor:
Gold toilet paper fit for the queen, Louis V gold chairs, chandeliers and bath tubs are true decor luxury. Just need the Villa in the South of France to go with it. 

Gold Food:
Gold Cupcakes, fruits, seafood and meats. Edible gold has been popular for years. Even if you can't bring yourself to eating it, at least it looks pretty. 

Gold Transport:
Doubt you could get me driving a gold Ferrari, however flying in a gold private jet is a completely different story. Sparkle in the sky.  

Not sure about you, but now am dreaming of painting my nails gold, dressing in a a long gold gown and flying private jet to St Bart's eating gold fruit and cupcakes all the way....of course with champagne in other hand.


See you soon

Gessica X

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