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You are not a carbon copy....stand out and shine.

Corporate Fashion Styling by Gessica
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You’re not a carbon copy. Stand out. Let me show you how to shine.
Having a strong, authentic personal and professional brand is imperative for success and important for building influence and reach.
That means embodying your brand on every level including how you dress.

Achieving that has little to do with chance. Just like your career you need to consciously develop a polished, professional style that sends the right message about your worth.

As author and connected brand expert Trevor Young says, be “conscious of how you want others to perceive your brand… and ensure that perception is consistent across all touchpoints.”

With spring in the southern hemisphere this is a perfect time to jazz up your existing wardrobe and turn something like this classy and simple dress into an individual style statement.

Dressing well at work is a professional investment that lifts your company image, self worth and confidence.

Book me in for a
  •  One-hour express workshop – gather a group of colleagues during lunch and I will show you how to turn core, classic pieces into statements that ooze confidence and power. (A longer after work session of two hours is also available).
  • Two-hour personal styling session – I work with you one-on-one in your home to sort through the good, the bad and the ugly, show you new ways to pull together what you’ve got and transform it by choosing the right accessories, highlight colours and accents.  

Workshop Highlights
  • What's appropriate - and not- at work - the right lengths, sizes, prints and colours
  • Making the most of what you've got - versatile looks for every day at work
  • Confidence dressing for important meetings
  • Stylish looks that transform from work to social events
  • Dressing for your body shape and personality
  • Accessories, hair and make- up
If you want to see more great ways to jazz up your corporate wardrobe see my post here

Contact: stylebygessica@gmail.com

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