Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Underwater Glamour

Fashion + photography + Underwater = Breathtaking Art 
Underwater fashion photography has been popular for years now. This unique style ranges from magazine editorials that show models gracefully submerged under water fully clothed in haute couture, some even in home decor settings (like photo above), to underwater fairytale creative shoots for books and personal family albums as you will see below. Although I had seen over the years some underwater fashion photographs, they didn't capture my attention as much as now. Maybe it's the calmness and elegance of these images that resonate with me now in this super busy world we live in. Either way you can't deny that these photos are anything but beautiful art. The collaboration of skilled photographers, makeup artists, choreographers, graceful models, glamorous fashion and 'water' is simply beautiful. I want to be a part of it.....just like a mermaid.
Clearly it is more complicated to photograph underwater than on land. To understand the world of underworld photography click on fashion photographer Aaron Wong  as he writes on the subject and gives you tips on how to do it. Personally, I'll leave it to the professionals...the fun for me would be dressing in a Dior gliding through the water. Oh dear! I wonder what happens to the wet garments?
Aaron Wong Photography

One of the most famous underwater photographers is Bahrain born/London raised Zena Holloway. Her images below leave me speechless. Click on her name to view more images of her work. 

Family albums: Yes kids and pets too are also stars under the water

And then there is 'funk' underwater art.......love it. 

It all looks like many hours of fun...and hard work. 
See you soon Gess X

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