Tuesday, 22 October 2013


I am a devoted follower of SoniaM Designs, a talented accessories designer based in QLD. Take at look at her blogspot http://soniamdesigns.blogspot.com.au/ with all her pieces featured on there.
Below are some of her beautiful designs
It is not because Sonia is my sister that I promote her, for even if I didn’t know her I would most definitely still be a fan of her accessories as they are unique, quality pieces that are not mass market. For quite a few years now Sonia has had great success in “hand making” beautiful necklaces, earrings, bracelets and feather capes. I love love love wearing her pieces for they add colour and glamour to an outfit whether It be casual or dressed up. I admire Sonia's great eye for detail and colour combinations. When making her jewellery from her studio in Brisbane, Sonia uses Swarovski crystals mixed with freshwater pearls, semi-precious stones and various Indian beads. Other trimmings are leather and silk tassels. Her beads and trims are sourced from Italy, France, the UK and USA.
Her elaborate feather capes are a stand out. They can be worn over a dress to glam it up or for a more casual style over a t-shirt and jeans with high heals….it looks slick.  Imagine one of these worn for Melbourne Cup lunch!!
Sonia wears her capes, jewellery and patterned outfits all together and somehow pulls it off beautifully always drawing positive attention.
The "fantastical" feather capes, caplets and collars(made in various sizes) are made with a  mixture of rooster, ostrich, goose and pheasant feathers sourced from France and USA. The trimmings with the majority imported from France, Italy and UK consist of tulle, velvet ribbons and beaded trims......and all capes are lined with satin.
I know that Sonia spends great amounts of time sourcing the perfect stones, trims and feather for her pieces.  Many of the brooches found on some of her necklaces are one-off vintage pieces.
When I visit her in Brisbane I too along with her gorgeous young daughter spend copious amount of time in her studio playing like children with all the bits and pieces.  I even sneak a few little pieces in my suitcase to add to my mannequins ;-)
Of course I will highly recommend adding a piece or two or a few of her creations to your wardrobe. If you’re a boutique, buying some pieces to go with your garments can only add value. You can specify what colours you like and Sonia will make to your requirements. Sonia like me is also a personal fashion consultant so you can email her explaining what you have, and she can make something up to suit you.  With spring racing carnival here(be quick ladies) and Xmas around the corner think of a gift for yourself, friends, family!!

For all enquiries Sonia can be contacted via her Blogspot mentioned above or email her on soniamarmotta@hotmail.com

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